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So, remember when I mentioned I would be building Ikea furniture for the nursery? Well, I’ve successfully managed to put it off until now.

Renting can be tough on someone with very specific design ideas. I’m a bring-in-the-light-white-walls-with-bright-punches-of-colour kind of girl, while the house we’re renting has been painted in dulcet coffee tones, with heavy, dark wood accents that are begging to be painted out. In this prairie setting where winter lasts 7 months a year, I totally get that most people want to surround themselves with coziness. It’s just not me.

So, until we move, the nursery will have to be as adorable as can be with walls the colour of milky coffee. I’ve decided on white furniture with accents of turquoise, which I *think* will go okay with the brown walls.

And here, behold the fruit of my labour:


Why is there a hairdryer on the floor, you ask? That’s because Ikea stuck sticker warnings all over the crib and they use that glue that won’t come off come hell or high water. Since I don’t want to risk damaging the paint with rubbing alcohol or other chemicals, I’m using the dryer to heat up the glue, and a plastic knife to gently peel it off. It is a grueling effort. Here’s evidence of what I’ve gotten myself into:


And while I’m complaining about Ikea, I’ll mention that I should have had a photo of three pieces of furniture – a crib (check), a dresser (nope), and a bookshelf (ixnay on the elfshay). This is because Ikea screwed up BOTH the dresser and the bookshelf and I have to GO BACK TO IKEA first thing tomorrow and see what they can do.