Those who know me well know I love running. It makes me feel tough, strong, and capable, and it affords a connection with my neighbourhood and environment I wouldn’t otherwise have. Those who know me also know that I’ve basically taken a two year hiatus (yes, when I look back it really has been this long). I wish I was one of those people who, when times get tough, dive head first into making their bodies stronger, knowing it will help with their headspace at the same time. Instead, I found the sofa and took comfort in long visits with friends over glasses of wine and delicious meals out. (Honestly, is there any better medicine than this, though??) The runs I did do got more and more challenging, and less and less enjoyable. And now that I’m fully into this pregnancy, I know that I’ve got to wait at least four months more until I head back out there.

I can’t wait to hit the road. I’m fortunate to live right along the river, replete with a network of trails and paths, most of which are very hilly. They’ll kick my butt when the time comes, and I say bring it on!

So as I bide my time, telling myself the slow, pokey walks I take with my dog are a reasonable facsimile, I’m sourcing inspiration for when I can start again. To that, I’m loving the weekly newsletter from iRun.ca, and especially loved this week’s post titled 9 common running mistakes.